Unveiling the soul of Quotient Sciences

Unveiling the soul of Quotient Sciences

January 2021. Author: Oliver Bingham

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Cubic has delivered a full brand refresh for long-term global pharmaceutical client Quotient Sciences. With a clear brief to help them express a newly created brand strategy and positioning, the team at Quotient asked us to build on our 5-year partnership to deliver a complete overhaul of their brand and supporting materials – including a fully redesigned website.

With ambitions for growth, ensuring clarity of offer and communications is more important than ever for Quotient Sciences. Through a new design system that provides absolute flexibility, we’ve enabled the business to stretch commercially in the future while ensuring that its brand stays one step ahead.

Throughout a fluid design process, we used our extensive knowledge of Quotient – as well as its offer and industry – to craft a new identity that’s rooted in meaning yet stands out amongst their competitors and peers. Tying together Quotient’s unique personality and culture with unquestionable ambition, the new brand is now emotive and engaging in equal measure.

The project touched on every facet of the Quotient brand – from its presence across digital channels, through to its sales materials and even a live virtual launch event beamed to all 950 of the company’s employees across 2 continents.

Oliver Bingham, Strategy & Marketing Director at Cubic, commented:

“Quotient’s brief was ambitious but that’s exactly how we like them. Working as an integrated project team, and delivering an entirely new brand remotely yet seamlessly, has been a challenge we’ve relished. The end result is striking, yet stylish and sophisticated – just what the doctor ordered.”

Our ongoing partnership with Quotient is a strong reminder that a brand’s continued ability to evolve, stay relevant and connect with its audiences is absolutely paramount.

Quotient’s VP of Marketing Strategy, Matthew Paterson, added:

“The project marks a step change for Quotient as a business, as we look to affirm our position as a world-leader in drug development and beyond. Cubic’s creativity, attention to detail and design expertise has helped us craft a brand that’s different for all the right reasons. We’re very excited about what it will help us achieve.”


Go deeper by checking out the full project case study. And if you like what you see and believe we can take your pharma brand to the next level, drop us a line.

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