Behind the scenes: Our photoshoot with MJF Interiors UK

Behind the scenes: Our photoshoot with MJF Interiors UK

September 2023. Author: Oliver Bingham

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Earlier this year we had the pleasure of shooting new images and footage for the MJF Interiors team in the UK.

Replicating the style of photography captured in Dublin last year, the outputs from the shoot have provided the MJF team in London and Birmingham with their own photography and film – helping the group business tell a joined-up and coherent overall story.

MJF UK Photoshoot v1

Shot at the newly-opened MJF showroom in Clerkenwell, and the surrounding area, the ambition for the shoot was to once more capture the spirit of the business – demonstrating a knowledge and passion for interiors, as well as its commitment for turning inspiring visions into game-changing realities.

The bank of images and bespoke film will be used across future MJF’s UK communications and marketing materials, but already features on its website.

”It’s never easy to replicate a style of a previous shoot because there are so many variables involved. In this instance, the natural light we had helped, and the environments we shot in are of the same incredibly high standard. But we had to think on our feet and keep referring back to previous shots to create the coherence the brand needs across the board” says Simon Harrison, Creative Director at Cubic.

MJF UK Photoshoot v12

Having worked with the business for over 18 months now – from an initial refresh to launch to ongoing communications – we’re really enjoying seeing it come of age, and the hope is that things like new imagery (and other bits coming soon!) will keep helping the MJF brand to take valuable steps forward.

MJF UK Photoshoot v13

If you’d like to find out more about our approach to photography of film, get in touch – we’re always up for a chat.

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