An Italian takeover for MJF Interiors

An Italian takeover for MJF Interiors

April 2024. Author: Simon Harrison

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MJF Interiors - Italy Invite Mockup
MJF Interiors - Dublin Showroom
MJF Interiors - Dublin Showroom2

MJF Interiors have a fabulous showroom in their home of Dublin. But once in a while they like to mix things up.

With Italian design supremos Arper, Saba, Miniforms and Moroso as partners, MJF transformed their entire 6,500 sq. ft. space into a flavour of Italy for just one day. We helped them out by producing a mini campaign that turned Dublin into ‘Dublino’, and spun their Inside is Everything mantra into ‘Inside is Italy’. With MJF swapping soda bread for focaccia and Guinness for Peroni for the day, the campaign set the tone for a fun, inspiring and sophisticated invite-only event.

We designed the MJF brand to allow for constant flexibility and playfulness – and this campaign served as the perfect opportunity to push things further creatively. We utilised an Italian-inspired typeface to do the heavy lifting graphically, and introduced texture in the form of background stripes inspired by the sun parasols of the Amalfi Coast to create a campaign styling that kept true to the principles behind the MJF brand but repurposed them with Italian twists.

Rolled out across social and physical touchpoints, the campaign served its purpose of adding Italian flavour to the event – while still making it clear there would be a good old-fashioned Irish knees-up in the evening to mark the occasion. Bellissimo!


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