Turning imagination into climate action for FCC Environment

Turning imagination into climate action for FCC Environment

April 2024. Author: Oliver Bingham

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FCC Environment has an ambition to become seen as a more attractive place for graduates and apprentices to start their careers. But with the competition fierce, they needed help to cut through the crowd in order to appeal to and engage the brightest young talent.

An estimated 1.2 million graduates joined the world of work in the UK last year, while nearly 350,000 started apprentices. That’s a lot of potential talent to attract – but the competition for the brightest and best young minds is fiercer than ever. FCC were struggling to engage grads and apprentices, especially at career events, so turned to us to develop a styling for their early careers offer that packed more of a youthful punch.

That work started with the development of a meaningful proposition for early careers at FCC: Turning imagination into climate action. Supported by an inspiring narrative, the action-led idea is unmistakably positive. It served as a platform for messaging and styling development, but also laid down that FCC is a business which takes young people somewhere new.

Our objective for the campaign’s creative was to reuse visual elements of the FCC masterbrand – but introduce freshness and energy by repurposing them through bolder, more expressive treatments. This ensured that there remained a clear connection between the FCC masterbrand and the refreshed look and feel for its early careers materials.

Monochrome people photography was introduced to add a technical but personal feel. Shot candid and in a documentative style, the photography helps to get across the idea that FCC is a business of action.

The style’s messaging was deliverability provocative, with questions taking the lead for headlines in order to connect with the curious-minded.

Other elements such as chevrons, colours and typefaces were borrowed from the masterbrand but applied in new, inventive ways – while a campaign identifier was introduced to ensure elements hung together neatly and to act as a labelling device. Hand-drawn lines, arrows and doodles completed the look – adding a more human and personal touch to materials.

The new look has been rolled out across digital and physical touchpoints including a concertina booklet, event stands and giveaways – with more in the pipeline


If you’re looking to improve your employer brand – or are unsure about how to engage the next generation of talent – drop us a line or message.

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