Likely Loans

Making personal finance fairer for all

Oakbrook Finance like to do things differently. Wanting to lend money in a way that works for borrowers, they launched Likely Loans to make personal loans clear, simple and accessible to those that need them.

With the brand operating in an infamously unscrupulous and competitive market, we were approached to help it get a word in edgeways. Through a brand-led campaign, we helped Likely Loans cut-through the unethical competition while keeping its conscience intact.

  • Research and analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Language and tone
  • Design look and feel
  • Web development
  • Multichannel campaign
  • Illustration
  • Campaign launch


Being bold and brave reaped rewards for Oakbrook Finance, with a 60% increase in loan applications following the campaign launch.


Within the first two weeks the brand saw a stunning 11% uplift in ad responses.


Thinking ‘borrower first’

Who is Likely Loans lending to? And what do they care about most? We answered both questions by immersing ourselves in the world of personal loans. In-depth borrower personas helped us clarify the motivations of potential Likely Loan customers, which then informed the campaign’s strategy and design.

Loans For All copy v2Loans For All copy v2
Likely Loans 4 (Carousel) aLikely Loans 4 (Carousel) a
Likely Loans 4 (Carousel) bLikely Loans 4 (Carousel) b
Likely Loans 4 (Carousel) cLikely Loans 4 (Carousel) c
Likely Loans 4 (Carousel) dLikely Loans 4 (Carousel) d
Likely Loans 5Likely Loans 5

One size doesn’t fit all

We quickly learned that flexibility was a key motivation for borrowers. People borrow money for different purposes, with each person experiencing unique personal and financial circumstances.
That led us to our creative platform – ‘loans for all shapes and sizes’ – which we brought to life through a series of quirky illustrations and accessible messaging.

Made to move

To get the message across and launch the campaign, we created a TV advert alongside moving image pioneers Seed Animation and illustrator Bianca Beneduci Assad. The 30-second advert saw our trio of Likely Loans characters head to the gym to get into great financial shape – a fun idea that generated fantastic results.


Recognising the need to showcase Likely Loans as a fair and responsible lender, the campaign's core proposition and engaging design language struck the perfect tone for target audiences.

Oliver Bingham
Strategy & Marketing Director, Cubic

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