Trent Basin

Trent Basin

A place by the river called home

Trent Basin is a design-led waterside community of modern sustainable homes. On the banks of the River Trent, just minutes from the centre of Nottingham, the neighbourhood rewards homeowners with panoramic views and forward-thinking community initiatives.

Following slower than expected initial sales, we were brought in to refresh the Trent Basin brand by adding a clearer sense of identity that was rooted with meaning.

Trent Basin - History

To produce the distinctive logotype, we took inspiration from Trent Basin’s rich history – recreating the iconic lettering from the basin’s former warehouses to form a modern and progressive look.

Trent Basin - Logo Inspiration
Trent Basin - Architecture
Trent Basin - Overview
Trent Basin - Instagram Carousel
Trent Basin - Hoarding
Trent Basin - Tote Bag
Trent Basin - Photography
Trent Basin - Sales Centre
Trent Basin - Brand Guidelines

To take the brand online we planned, designed and launched an expansive site filled with film and photography that expressed the mood of the community. The interactive and immersive experience tells the accessible yet aspirational story of what life at Trent Basin is really like.

Trent Basin - Website Design
Trent Basin - Photography 2
Trent Basin - Instagram Grid
Trent Basin - Website - Mobile Version

“By looking back at the development’s past, we were able to craft a clear path for a fresh, dynamic and energetic future. The design language we introduced combines a lifestyle-led aesthetic with the contrast of a simple but bold colour palette – allowing playful treatments to work together alongside more stripped-back layouts.”

Simon Harrison

Creative Director, Cubic