Oska Health

It's time to fix kidney care

Oska Health is a startup healthcare business that’s on a mission to help people with chronic kidney diseases live happier, healthier lives. With a firm belief that a digital-first approach to kidney care can unlock significant benefits and cost efficiencies, Oska combines technology, behavioural science and health expertise to provide ongoing care and tailored support for patients.

Needing a brand that showcases their offer and the value it delivers, the team approached Cubic to develop one from scratch. Through rapid concepting and prototyping, we established and delivered an ownable brand with supporting web presence that shows the world what Oska is all about.

The result is a brand that’s ready to shake up the industry by balancing warmth and accessibility with innovation, data and the latest medical and behavioural science.

  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Copywriting
  • Website
  • Brand guidelines


More than 70% of healthcare costs in the EU are currently spent on chronic diseases.

Starting strong

With Oska needing to launch as soon as possible, preferably within 6 weeks of the project starting, we set about understanding the ins and outs of its offer. We worked closely with the internal Oska team to clarify and articulate the position the brand needed to occupy within the market and the personality it should express to help it connect with its numerous audiences – which includes patients, doctors and healthcare payers . We also provided consultation on naming development that was already underway – helping the team land on a name that has accessible warmth and a genuinely human feel.

Oska DevicesOska Devices

Making and breaking

With a name and defined personality in place, we began rapid development of two creative concepts – both of which expressed the unique character of Oska in distinctive ways. Developing both concepts in situ across numerous touchpoints through rapid prototyping and design sprints meant we could make and break them as they were created – ensuring both had the potential to become Oska’s overall identity.

Through regular sharing sessions with the core project team a creative concept was selected, refined and built out to become a full brand identity and expression – a journey that took us from questions to answers in just 2 weeks.


Oska Mobile
Oska Smile
Oska Coral Red

Building out the identity

At the heart of the Oska brand is a simple yet considered brand identity. Taking inspiration from the curvature, shape and colour of healthy kidneys, the brand’s logo tips a nod to the subject matter yet also has a friendly approachable charm to it. When combined with the brand’s modern, fresh and cheerful colour palette, as well as a straightforward and accessible typeface, the Oska identity has the flexibility to be dialled up and down according to the context and environment it lives in, as well as the audience it’s communicating with.

Adding expression

We styled the brand’s photography to reflect its audiences and the benefit it provides them. It’s deliberately natural, positive and spontaneous to showcase the impromptu slices of everyday life and reality that Oska enables.

To help Oska narrate stories that words and photography would struggle to tell on their own, a distinctive illustration style – created by Ivone Correia – was introduced. Carefully crafted and considered, the style borrows elements from Oska’s identity such as shapes and colours to ensure it works in harmony with other elements of the brand’s toolkit.

Expressive textures and shapes also formed a key part of the brand’s look and feel – helping to break up uniformity, add visual depth and create a softer overall aesthetic. Clusters of dots hint at white blood cells and capillaries, while hand-drawn lines and organic holding shapes reflect the curvature of kidneys. Serving as simple but key identifiers for Oska, the textures and shapes help to bind elements of the brand.

Oska Tote BagOska Tote Bag

Living online

One of the key touchpoints to launch the Oska brand was a new, dual-language website. We designed the simple yet informative site to make the most of the new identity and expression we’d created – using its accessible design language to help users navigate and absorb content easily and intuitively. Overseeing the development of the site, built using Webflow, we were able to control and maximise its design and functionality.

Oska Brand GuidelinesOska Brand Guidelines

Establishing design principles

Throughout our design process, we documented the necessary guidance and creative principles behind the Oska brand within a comprehensive style guide that enabled its in-house design team to take over ownership. We also developed templates for sales presentations that meant the Oska team could take the brand to market in a consistent way.

Oska App IconOska App Icon

We were delighted to have Cubic work with us as a true partner on the project. The team understood our needs and requirements from the very first call, and translated them into a unique brand we’re incredibly proud of.

Niklas Best
CEO, Oska Health

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