Helping FCC Environment communicate its commitment

Helping FCC Environment communicate its commitment to sustainability

August 2023. Author: Oliver Bingham

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FCC Environment - Energy Saving Campaign - Billboard

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with our long-standing client FCC Environment to refresh their sustainability communications.

With new sustainability initiatives, programs and activities becoming increasingly ingrained within FCC, now was the right time to demonstrate and articulate its continued commitment to the world.

FCC Environment - Energy Saving Campaign - Posters

Carbon emissions are the greatest cause of global warming and climate change. To safeguard the planet for the future, we all need to take action. Because it’s our environment. It’s our responsibility.

Our challenge was to inject some freshness and warmth into the brand’s environmental communications – reflecting both the subject matters and sensitivity of the issues at hand neatly and coherently. The refreshed design language needed to fit within the context of FCC’s corporate brand but also glue various different communications together, making flexibility a key factor in our approach.

FCC Environment - Literature Design

Following extensive research, our visual starting point was to build greater emphasis on FCC’s existing ‘Our Environment. Our responsibility.’ campaign brand – which we’d created during an earlier project – by giving it its own identity and expression. The new illustrated globe helps to create more distinction for FCC communications, while also acting as a mark that neatly ties all areas of sustainability together.

Partnering with illustrator Sophie Adams, we created a style of illustration to support numerous strands of messaging that was deliberately loose and simple – creating a bold overall aesthetic. The inclusions of a fresher, livelier green as part of an extended colour palette – combined with earthy tones and neutrals – work neatly alongside other FCC corporate colours to enable communications to slot neatly alongside the brand’s existing design system.

FCC Environment - Our Environment Logo

Rollout of the new design language has already begun, with FCC’s Net Zero report published earlier this year demonstrating how it works in literature format. There’s also been an internal campaign launched to reintroduce and reinforce FCC’s environmental commitments to its employees which featured a more playful, eye-catching tone. Creating both of these communications simultaneously meant we could test how flexible the system was for various activations and audiences.

FCC Environment - Energy Saving Campaign - Billboard

Client feedback on the work has been fantastic, with the internal campaign resonating strongly with employees due to its great standout.

With other pieces of collateral needing to take on the refreshed style, including FCC’s annual Sustainability Report, we’ll be rolling it out across other important pieces of brand communications in the coming months.


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