Beautiful You

Developing a premium yet personal beauty service

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With ambitions to shake up the skincare category, Boots created Beautiful You – an innovative and impartial service designed to take the guesswork out buying beauty products.

After a successful soft launch, we were asked to develop a refreshed brand that reinforced Boots’ position as ‘feel good specialists’, increased footfall in stores and felt both premium and personal to beauty buyers.

  • Research and analysis
  • Visual identity
  • Language and tone
  • Design look and feel
  • Brand guidelines
  • Retail design
  • Digital and social assets
  • Printed collateral


In-store conversion rates soared to 70% of customers using the service to purchase goods.


Online engagement and repeat visits rocketed. The online conversion was double that of


Customers who have been through the consultation spent on average about 75% more on skincare compared to those who haven’t.

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Every detail matters

The beauty of Beautiful You laid in its ability to find products that suited any person’s skin complexion and needs perfectly – a useful tool for a deeply personal experience. To shape the direction of the brand visually, we quickly got to grips with the wider context of beauty buying – and what it meant for Boots customers.

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Beautifully bespoke

The brand had to feel intimate and special without alienating customers, so we commissioned world-renowned lettering artist Alison Carmichael to craft a bespoke handwritten logo under our direction. Flowing gracefully, the word mark is sealed with a kiss – because what’s more special than that?


The perfect match

Our design team worked with Boots to create a modular design system featuring contemporary lifestyle and product imagery, as well as producing a set of brand guidelines that enabled other Boots partner agencies to easily create stunning on-brand experiences.

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 21.56.08@2xScreen Shot 2020-03-13 at 21.56.08@2x

Achieving ambition

The new Beautiful Your identity was successfully applied to in-store branding, skin diagnostic tools, websites and advertising materials. The project success massively exceeded expectations and served as the perfect platform for Boots to revolutionise the way it sold beauty products both in store and online.

The Beautiful You brand strikes the perfect blend between elegance and functionality. Working just as hard in digital as it does in-store, we couldn't be more delighted with Cubic's work.

Marketing Director, Boots

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