Telling a sustainable story

Following the success of our 'Together Again' campaign, we were asked to help NaughtOne communicate its commitment to sustainability. With the brand wanting to share its environmental practices and credentials, we were tasked with developing a campaign that could shine the spotlight on its responsibilities and promises without ‘green-washing’ audiences.

Our response was the development of a hero sustainability film with supporting cut-downs – all of which was shot bespoke – that tells a rich, meaningful and authentic sustainable story. Activated across web and social platforms, the campaign has become a key part of the brand’s communications.

  • Research & analysis
  • Content planning
  • Design look & feel
  • Brand film
  • Social content
  • Photography
  • Copywriting


All of NaughtOne's products, across the globe, come with a 10 year warranty as standard – a demonstration of its commitment to great design that endures time, trends and use.

NaughtOne Introduction ImagesNaughtOne Introduction Images

Growing our knowledge

Despite already having a reasonable amount of insight on sustainability, we first needed to clarify exactly what the topic meant to NaughtOne – as well as the practices and processes it used to set and maintain its environmental standards.

Through a series of interviews, and plenty of desk research, we uncovered the key jumping off points for the campaign to focus on and communicate: sustainable materials, environmental credentials, 10 year product warranties and NaughtOne’s take-back programme. These became the chapters of the brand’s sustainability story, and ultimately the areas that we built the campaign around.

NaughtOne Instagram MobilesNaughtOne Instagram Mobiles

Creating the concept

With sustainability being such an intrinsic part of NaughtOne, both today and tomorrow, we developed a concept that could stand the test of time. Our idea was that of a story being told – articulating that sustainability had been a priority for NaughtOne from its get-go, and will continue to be in the future as its design and manufacturing processes become even more environmentally sound.

‘From day one’ became the campaign’s theme – connecting two important truths; firstly that naughtone as a brand was born sustainable, and secondly that every piece of its furniture follows suit. Simple in principle, but potentially complex in execution, the concept relied on its script to do much of the leg work for us. It had to be rich, powerful and punchy – yet clearly communicate the benefits customers get as a result of NaughtOne’s sustainable initiatives and processes. So we wrote it with all of that in mind.


Setting the style

To cut-through, the story had to be real – not just feel real – so we commissioned leading natural world and people photographer Ben Statham to shoot bespoke footage and still imagery for the campaign. Capturing both the beauty and rawness of the natural world – shot right on NaughtOne’s doorstop in the heart of Yorkshire – helped to connect local landscape with the brand and its story.

And to showcase the craft and consideration of NaughtOne’s people, as well as the materials it selects, filming also took place at manufacturing locations. Together, the styling and direction of footage enabled the brand to tell an authentic yet substantial story – one that’s packed with meaning as well as detail.

Bringing it all together

To ensure there was a variety of communications for the brand to utilise, we developed both a hero film that tells NaughtOne’s complete sustainability story, as well as a series of cut-downs that focused on the story’s key chapters.

Supported by a series of posts created for Instagram stories, the campaign marks another step change and enhancement in communications for the brand. It’s sophisticated and grown-up, yet still gets across NaughtOne’s down-to-earth personality.

We have a genuine passion for sustainability at NaughtOne, so we were keen to find a way of articulating our commitment in a natural and authentic way. The stories, images, films and other campaign assets Cubic have created for us truly capture the craft, care and consideration that runs through everything we do beautifully. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Rob Hamilton, Head of Product Management

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