Making the most of being together again

NaughtOne is a furniture design and manufacturing business based in Yorkshire with a global presence. Part of the Herman Miller group of companies, the business specialises in premium ancillary furniture that’s both beautiful and useful.

With offices set to reopen following the COVID pandemic, we were tasked to develop a creative campaign that celebrated people returning to their workplaces – including a feature film, bespoke photography and social media assets.

  • Research & analysis
  • Content planning
  • Design look & feel
  • Brand film
  • Social content
  • Photography
  • Copywriting


NaughtOne was established in 2005 by two design graduates – and has since grown to have a global presence as one of the most recognised and respected names in workplace furniture.

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Uncovering insight

To understand the role workplaces will play post-pandemic – as well as the impact working from home has had on individuals and businesses – we spoke to experts in architecture, human resources, real estate and interior design. Combined with several hours of desk research and an audit of the NaughtOne brand, the insight enabled us to clearly communicate what offices reopening really means to people, as well as develop NaughtOne’s unique viewpoint. It also helped us understand the evolved needs individuals may have as a result of working at home for a long period of time, such as an increased importance on spaces for privacy and concentration.

NaughtOne Together Again WhiteNaughtOne Together Again White

Crafting the campaign

Building on what we’d learned, we developed a central idea for the campaign: Together Again. Powered by optimism, the campaign needed to demonstrate benefits of the workplace but also celebrate the return of people working face-to-face. Film was the ideal medium to showcase the idea, as well as demonstrate how NaughtOne furniture contributes to people working and socialising in offices – including spaces to focus and collaborate. When developing the film’s storyboard, we carefully considered how the story should unfold to provide audiences with enough context but also to ensure the narrative is packed with genuine meaning that reinforced the Together Again idea.

NaughtOne Together Again InstagramNaughtOne Together Again Instagram

Setting the scenes

We selected a co-working space in Manchester to shoot the film – taking it over for a weekend to allow time for the setting up of numerous bespoke NaughtOne scenes. Alongside the NaughtOne client team, we organised and arranged all of the logistics for the shoot – including assembly of over 75 pieces of furniture, delivered fresh off an articulated lorry. Working with boutique film company Dimension2, and photographer Rob Smalley, we art directed the production which required a team of 30 people to work together in-sync.

NaughtOne Together Again LinkedInNaughtOne Together Again LinkedIn

Bringing the campaign to life

From cut-down films to considered and curated social posts, we designed the campaign to ensure it stood out on all channels while communicating clearly to its target audiences. Key messages, built around the campaign’s 4 themes, highlighted the benefits NaughtOne furniture provides in story-led formats – ensuring communications felt natural and not overly salesy. The campaign’s assets were also used to launch the brand into new markets, including Australia.


From the very first chat we had with Cubic, it was clear that they instantly understood the NaughtOne brand and what we were looking for. Embarking upon our first major marketing campaign has been a delight as the team is a joy to work with. They’re always available, work to strict deadlines and fundamentally have gone above and beyond to deliver an excellent campaign.

Grace Todd, Marketing Manager

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