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Bygott Biggs work with law firms and in-house legal teams to find the brightest and best people at every level. For over 20 years they’ve brought together the right people at the right time to achieve the right result.

Wanting to share their success with the wider world, Bygott Biggs turned to us to help. Building on our relationship of 15 years – having refreshed the brand’s identity – we pulled out all the stops to deliver a web presence and supporting campaign that was as bold as the business’s ambitions.

  • Research and analysis
  • Visual identity
  • Language and tone
  • Design look and feel
  • Web development
  • Multichannel campaign


Uplift on average time visitors spent on site three months after launch.


Increase in unique visitors over the same period.

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The perfect opportunity

Following a rigorous and structured process of competitor and market research, as well as stakeholder interviews, we developed a powerful and resonant theme to build our work around: ‘The perfect opportunity’. The thinking was simple yet bold, and served as the idea platform to design and guide the brand’s new website and supporting campaign.

People power

The Bygott Biggs team is in a league of its own in terms of talent and dedication. So, naturally, we set about recruiting some of the world’s finest creative minds to help us capture the ‘perfect opportunity’ theme and do the Bygotts Biggs brand justice. Marcus Ginns took care of the campaign’s imagery, while Ben Statham shot people photography and Roger Horberry shaped a new approach to brand language from the ground up – all under our direction.

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A premium digital experience

We repurposed all designed assets for our campaign when developing the brand’s new digital experience. Unashamedly high-end, unquestionably slick and unreservedly future facing, the new site combined powerful functionality with a crisp, contemporary aesthetic to set Bygott Biggs and its partners up for continued success.

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As our business has grown and evolved Cubic have helped us fine tune and re-sculpt our brand. Perfection is their objective and this is evident across all of their work.

Jane Biggs
Managing Director, Bygott Biggs

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