A tree-mendous gesture from FCC

A tree-mendous gesture from FCC

July 2021. Author: Simon Harrison

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FCC Environment - Neutrality Report

FCC Environment has planted trees in Cubic’s name following the design and rollout of its Neutrality Report.

With UK-based businesses now needing to attempt to achieve zero net emissions by 2035, the report tracks FCC’s own progress, as well as its partnerships with others. We developed the report to be accessible and informative, yet eye-opening and motivating – key elements of design focusing on sustainability.

And, for the seventh year in a row, we’ve also designed FCC’s interactive sustainability report.

With sustainability high on the agenda, we’ve taken every opportunity to learn about the subject and adapt our own design processes to ensure it’s a continual consideration. From tracking trends to working on projects that have the topic at their heart, such as Trent Basin, we believe a more sustainable approach to brand-building can only be a good thing.

All at Cubic would like to thank FCC for the kind gesture. You can find out more about our long-term partnership here.

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