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Driving innovation

Shipman Bildelar is a leading supplier of auto parts to the Nordic market. Based in Sweden, the brand supplies the high-quality references the Nordic market needs at competitive prices. Part of IMA Group, an end-to-end product partner to the global auto parts industry, Shipman’s innovative approach enables them to be the first to market – often fulfilling untapped consumer demand before it arises.

Having grown substantially in recent years, and recognising that the way their business looked and felt didn’t nearly do it justice, the Shipman team tasked Cubic to refresh the brand from the ground up – including the creation of a new brand strategy, a progressive identity and modern expression.

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When combined with a technical-feeling typeface, the new Shipman logo became the centrepoint of the brand’s expression which featured a punchy and bold colour palette, stripped-back graphic treatments and the creation of bespoke iconography and animated movement patterns.

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The idea behind the brand’s photography was to demonstrate that although on first sight car parts are just functional lumps of metal, there’s a beauty to them when you look a little closer.

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Through considerate crops and modern, progressive design treatments, the photography style became a key identifier for the brand – and meant it didn’t rely solely on workshop or manufacturing-based images like the majority of its competitors.

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“The new Shipman brand represents a significant milestone for us as a business. We placed our trust in Cubic to undergo this important project and they’ve more than delivered. Their creativity and commitment has produced a brand that sets us up for an exciting future. We’re all looking forward to where it will take us.”

Richard Shipman

Managing Director, Shipman Bildelar