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The power and the beauty

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty to bring our customers’ brands to life. An excellent example of this commitment in action is our work for Abacus, a leading international lighting company who asked us to create a high impact launch campaign for their latest range of innovative LED lights.

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Abacus asked us to emphasise the products’ environmental and cost saving benefits as well as showcasing their design. We came up with the title ‘Power/Beauty’ to highlight (no pun intended) both the exceptional performance and refined aesthetic qualities of these LEDs. To bring the title to life we decided on a campaign that would suggest these lights could successfully illuminate epic environments.

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“With one fell swoop Cubic managed to reposition our business and help open up new market sectors with the Power/Beauty campaign. They understood our product strategy from the beginning and captured the key selling points in their creative work. They were a joy to work with, even at 3am in the wilds of the Peak District!”

Kelly Herrick

Marketing Director, Abacus Lighting