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FCC Environment is one of the UK’s largest waste and resource management companies. We’ve worked as FCC’s creative agency since 2013, acting as an extension of their marketing team to deliver consistently on-brand communications and materials – including a refreshed website, new photography, tactical marketing materials and corporate reporting.

By imaginatively reworking brand elements – a different but equally compelling challenge to creating brands from scratch – we've continually brought about freshness to FCC's corporate communications. Our work underpins Cubic’s status as a true cross-platform, full-service brand and design agency.

  • Design look and feel
  • Campaigns
  • Web development
  • Digital and social assets
  • Corporate reporting
  • Brand film
FCC brochure mock-up (rough)@2xFCC brochure mock-up (rough)@2x

Setting FCC up for success

Unlike some of their better-known competitors, FCC own the infrastructure that enables them to minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by transforming it into valuable resources. We've worked to reflect that throughout the brand, ensuring photography and other aspects of the design toolkit encapsulates the vital and brilliant work FCC and its employees do each and every day.

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Sharing good news

CSR reports are increasingly important, successfully fulfilling a number of functions previously addressed by other pieces of corporate communications. To help FCC’s CSR report stand out and communicate with maximum impact we created crisp, modern designs, making full use of FCC’s suite of high-impact icons and bringing consistency to a disparate set of images.

FCC iPads v2@2xFCC iPads v2@2x

Working digital wonders

FCC's website has continually evolved to reflect the direction and ambitions of the business. We've consistently worked with a series of existing brand assets, giving them a creative twist when appropriate while retaining the overall structure and experience, so that the finished site worked perfectly on FCC’s existing platform.

Since 2013, we've helped FCC expand their creative output and consistently deliver design projects that help to move the brand forwards.

Simon Harrison
Creative Director, Cubic

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