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What's possible?

Following the success of our brand refresh project for MJF Interiors, we were asked to support the launch of the business’s new showroom space in Dublin. Carefully considered and beautifully bespoke, the showroom is a creative hub for local architecture and design talent – enabling them to experience physical products, shape ideas with the MJF team and think more widely and deeply about how they plan and organise the spaces they’re creating.

Our task was to deliver a campaign that demonstrated the effort, investment and time MJF had put into the space, as well as push its brand on creatively in order to attract and engage its design-led audiences.

  • Campaign development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Animation
  • Social content


MJF's new Dublin showroom is over 6,500 square feet of ever-evolving inspiration – with the ambition to be a creative hub for local architecture and design talent

MJF Interiors Showroom Images 1MJF Interiors Showroom Images 1
MJF Interiors Showroom Images 2MJF Interiors Showroom Images 2
MJF Interiors - Showroom IIE LowercaseMJF Interiors - Showroom IIE Lowercase

Understanding the ambition

We first visited the site of the showroom when it was nothing more than a shell, but immediately felt the ambition behind the plans that MJF had for the space and the lengths they were prepared to go to fulfil its potential. Through conversations with the business’s directors, we heard the background, motivation and vision behind the project – understanding where the idea came from, how it developed over time and what they wanted audiences to feel when they were in the space.

This insight gave us a platform to develop the campaign’s key theme: ‘What’s possible?’. Deliberately bold, the theme reinforced how architects benefit from the showroom space through discovery, inspiration and exploration – feeding their curiosity to solve problems, answer questions and uncover new possibilities.

MJF Interiors Showroom Tall Image 1
MJF Interiors Showroom Staircase Image
MJF Interiors - Launch CardMJF Interiors - Launch Card

Crafting the campaign

Capturing and telling benefit-led, positive stories that focused on the difference the showroom makes became the main focus for the campaign. From how the design of the space encourages collaboration, through to the difference being able to experience physical products makes to creative thought processes, the individual stories became a series of bespoke films that ladder up to capture and share the spirit of the showroom in all its glory.

Beginning with a teaser film to build anticipation – which featured work in progress imagery and coloured blueprints to add texture to communications – the campaign gave MJF the toolkit they needed to communicate beyond just the opening of the space and could continue to attract and excite new visitors over several months.

MJF Interiors Now OpenMJF Interiors Now Open

Bringing stories to life

The campaign’s visual style needed to do justice to the showroom’s beauty and the level of detailed planning, thinking and creativity that had gone into its every square foot. Featuring the world's most dynamic design brands including Knoll, Herman Miller, Vitra and Naughtone, as well as an abundance of iconic individual pieces, we let the elegance and expression of the showroom's architecture and environments do most of the talking through contemporary styled photography and moving image.

People and creativity were at the heart of the stories we needed to tell, so capturing conversation and collaboration was a key requirement – as was reinforcing MJF’s expertise in materials, environments and attention to detail.

MJF Interiors Showroom Tote Image
MJF Interiors Showroom Details Image
MJF Interiors Showroom Samples Image

Pushing creative boundaries

With us already establishing the MJF brand’s graphic language, the campaign marked the perfect time for us to push creative boundaries and add some freshness to things in a natural and organic way.

Inverted typography added a sense of connection between elements, particularly type and imagery, while bold typographic treatments were used to emphasise key messages and add some playful personality to communications. The introduction of stepped and repeated messaging brought organisation, visual interest and dynamism to the campaign's styling – while all of the elements were brought to life through the continuation of the slick and sophisticated motion design principles we’d already created for the brand.

As usual, Cubic exceeded our expectations. Their planning and production of the campaign was executed perfectly and our brand continues to go from strength to strength.

Siobhan Burke, Design Consultant
MJF Interiors

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