MJF Interiors

Relaunching with style

MJF Interiors is a leading furniture supplier and contract fit-out partner to the commercial interiors industry. They partner with visionary architects, designers and furniture manufacturers to create inspiring spaces for some of the world’s most renowned businesses.

MJF Interiors approached us with big plans underway; a new name, a new identity, new office spaces and showrooms – basically, an entirely new beginning. It was our job to push things forward to enable MJF to break new ground by evolving their look and feel and creating a brand expression, web presence and launch campaign that could set the business up for an exciting new chapter. As briefs go, it doesn’t get much better than that…

We’ve worked with the leadership team at MJF to help them reach new heights – applying the same level of craft, attention to detail and imagination that the business pours into every project itself.

  • Research & analysis
  • Look & feel
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Photography
  • Brand film
  • Animation
  • Social content
Inside is EverythingInside is Everything

Filling the brand with meaning

To ensure the brand’s expression was crafted with conviction and packed with meaning we had to get under the skin of the MJF Interiors business – understanding the unique value it delivers, its approach to completing even the most complex of fit-out projects and the workplace culture that its directors wanted to foster. Following visits to its beautifully restored Georgian office space and soon-to-open showroom, as well as conversations with its leadership team, we quickly felt and understood the ambition for the business.

With a brand strategy and bold new proposition in place, it was our job to capture and distil it through our design and development work. That meant ensuring that it flowed through every touchpoint the brand uses, while demonstrating creativity and coherence.

Building out the brand expression

Having already established a new identity, there was a need for the brand’s expression around it to work harder – so we set to work refining and building it out to add the genuine and authentic character required for the brand to get noticed. We honed the brand’s colour palette to feel sophisticated yet punchy – with accent colours giving it more energy and a range of soft neutrals aiding both balance and warmth.

By typesetting a classic sans serif typeface with an elegant aesthetic in a minimalistic way, we gave the brand more flexibility and potential for playfulness through its messaging. This simple approach to typography allowed the volume of the brand to be turned up and down accordingly – from ‘louder’ dynamic messaging within films to ‘quieter’ stripped back and breathy layouts that let the brand’s imagery take centre stage.

We also brought the identity to life through a series of animations – adding an element of playfulness to the brand without compromising the integrity of its considered design language – and introduced a simple yet purposeful tone of voice that helps it communicate with clarity. The result was a fine-tuned, progressive brand expression that can be applied creatively and fluidly to every necessary application.

3. MJF Case Study3. MJF Case Study
4. MJF Case Study4. MJF Case Study

Substance with style

Our brief for MJF’s new web presence was to demonstrate ‘substance with style’. The site needed to be creatively inspiring yet also feel simple and sophisticated, so we crafted it from the ground up to deliver a user experience that’s fluid and intuitive.

Taking design cues from interior magazines and the beautifully designed physical environments of MJF’s showrooms and offices, the site demonstrates the detailed and considered approach the business takes to addressing client needs, as well as its vast experience in delivering extensive fit-out projects.

MJF Interiors Website GridMJF Interiors Website Grid

Getting in front of the camera

With it operating in such a creative and visual industry, the brand’s photography needed to set the right tone and mood. We developed a style that aligned the business’ culture and creativity with its ambitions – combining natural people shots with collaborative team scenarios and abstract, design-led imagery to add depth and freshness to the brand’s expression.

We also shot bespoke film footage, creating numerous films for the brand to add energy to its communications across web and social applications. From script-writing to storyboarding, location planning to art direction and styling, we ensured that the brand’s films truly captured the spirit, imagination and collaborative approach of MJF and its people.

6. MJF Case Study

An ongoing partnership

From event collateral to a brand style guide, PowerPoint templates to stationary – and much more in between – we’ve rolled the new MJF Interiors brand out across every necessary touchpoint to ensure it remains coherent and true to its design fundamentals.

The new name and brand for MJF Interiors is a real step change for us as a business. We researched many companies in this field to partner with and do our ambitions justice, while guiding us along the way to look and feel much more like the design-led business we aspire to become. We found Cubic a perfect match – we are delighted with the work to date and excited to see the continuous work that they create for us.

Siobhan Burke, Product & Design Consultant
MJF Interiors

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