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Filling brands with meaning

What is a brand? What makes them matter? Why do some work better than others? We think the answer’s pretty simple… Meaning.

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What makes a great brand campaign?

Follow these steps for guaranteed campaign greatness.

Journal - Enhancing Your Pharma Brand
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Just what the doctor ordered: 5 steps for enhancing pharma brands

Is your pharma brand in need of a dose of freshness? Here's some tips to help you on your way.

IiN Halloween Campaign - Journal Images v3
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Having some Halloween fun with It’s in Nottingham

BOO! We've been continuing our partnership with It's in Nottingham to deliver a Halloween campaign that sets the creative benchmark for future communications.

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In conversation: Street-style photographer, Alice Ashley

We sat down with Alice to talk about her style, what she loves about photography and her take on working on the It's in Nottingham refresh.

Journal - MJF Interiors London Photoshoot
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Behind the scenes: Our photoshoot with MJF Interiors UK

Shooting refreshed imagery and film in MJF Uk's beautiful London showroom.

Journal - FCC Energy Saving Campaign Globe
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Helping FCC Environment communicate its commitment

We've recently had the pleasure of working with our long-standing client FCC Environment to refresh their sustainability communications.

Onyx Insight - Wind Turbines Thumbnail
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ONYX Insight + Cubic

We're pleased to be working with wind turbine data and engineering business ONYX Insight.

Trio of Client Wins - Thumbnail
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A trio of new partnerships

We're delighted to be beginning numerous new partnerships.

Journal - MJF Interiors Business Relaunch - Thumbnail
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Supporting an ambitious business relaunch

There's not long to go until MJF Interiors' new brand launches...

Journal - Staying Immersed
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Staying immersed: Evolving our approach to insight and research

Getting to the heart of a brand is key to making it more effective. And to do that, we need to apply some empathy.

Journal - FCC Tree Planting
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A tree-mendous gesture from FCC

A huge thank you to FCC for planting trees in Cubic's name following the design of its latest Neutrality Report.