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Ahead of the beauty curve

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Oozing glamour, star-quality and sophistication, St. Tropez is the UK’s leading and most trusted tanning brand. With competitors entering the market, we were asked to undertake a complete brand refresh that could reassert St. Tropez’s position and reinvigorate its personality.

The evolution of such an iconic brand had to be handled with the utmost care. Working closely with the St. Tropez team, we defined a clear path forward to get the brand where it needed to be; ahead of the beauty curve.

  • Research and analysis
  • Visual identity
  • Language and tone
  • Design look and feel
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging


St. Tropez is one of the leading self-tanning brands in the UK, with revenues of €25.6m

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Stripping off

Despite being a familiar icon, research told us St. Tropez’s art deco inspired shell symbol was putting off potential customers. Deemed to be dated and ‘chintzy’, we refined and redrew the previous logotype to add freshness and a more contemporary feel to the brand’s identity – and give it genuine cut-through in the beauty market.

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Boosting confidence

Following the brave but necessary move to adjust the logo, we modernised the entire aesthetic of the brand – documenting its new expression in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. With St. Tropez needing to sit comfortably in the much-coveted ‘mass market premium’ section of the beauty category, we paid careful consideration to craft a look and feel that balances elegance with familiarity.

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A flawless finish

With the brand refreshed, we turned our attention to a key piece of collateral – St. Tropez’s packaging. To communicate St. Tropez’s level of trust and quality, we developed a range of creative concepts for revitalizing the brand’s bottles and boxes. The concepts represented a significant leap forward for the brand – taking it into an elegant, sophisticated yet entirely accessible space.

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Despite many complex branding and communications issues to resolve, Cubic had the confidence, creativity and a depth of experience to find the right way forward.

Rod Tompsett, Chief Executive, St. Tropez

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